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DEVECI ABEY SALT A.S. It was established in 1965 by Asım DEVECI and has been one of the most important and leading manufacturers of industrial salt, refining salt, boiler salt, mechanical salt, tablet salt, snow salt, liquid dye salt and food salt for more than 55 years.


Deveci Abey Salt

Food Industry Salt

Deveci Abey Tablet Salt

Tablet Salt

Deveci Abey Textile Dyeing Salts

Textile Dyeing Salts

Deveci Abey Washed Salt

Washed Salt

Deveci Abey Leather Salt

Leather Salt

Deveci Abey Refined Salt

Refined Salt

Deveci Abey Iodized Table Salt

Iodized Table Salt

Deveci Abey Liquid Salt

Liquid Salt

Deveci Abey in numbers

Our company, which carries its production standards to the highest level with innovative technologies every day, has continued its development since the day it was founded and offers solutions for different industries.


TON Production Capacity

We are working to offer you better quality.


Getting to the Area

With our distribution network, we reach seven regions of Turkey.



With our experience of more than half a century, we have managed to become a brand in the "Salt" industry.


Please request a price quote for all kinds of salt and solution products.


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Gürleyik Mah. 606 Sok.
No:10 Honaz  / DENİZLİ / TURKIYE
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